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Our partners and agent are one of the core part of the sharptrade main value. Without reliable partners and agents in every part we transact business, our aims cannot be fully achieved. We are constantly looking for trusted partners and agents from all over the world to make the sending and exchanging of money internationally and locally as easy as possible.
We need Agents in every city around the world and
if you are interested in joining our team, fill the form below. Experiencing any problems? contact us.

We encourage anybody who is interested in joining our team to read the Frequently asked Questions to know all that is required as an agent.


1. Pick a strong agent password that you can remember. Without this password, you cannot get paid.

2. Pick a referral code which you will give to people you refer to sharptrades. Without client providing your referral code, you do not get paid. You can pick any word or numbers including names, nicknames, DOB etc.


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